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Professional Upholstery Cleaners in Houston TX

Never doubt the experts of Houston Carpet Cleaners to save your old and worn out upholstery from being thrown in the dumpster. We are the ultimate furniture steam cleaners of Houston and our customers will brag on our quality services and affordable prices.

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Upholstery Steam Cleaning

We offer affordable upholstery steam cleaning that will fit into anyone’s budget. Couch stain removal doesn’t have to be a hassle. There are so many other bills that are necessary in live, so having your upholstery cleaned is now much easier and affordable.

sofa stain removal

Efficient Sofa Stain Removal

Maybe you have children in your household who have made it a routine to spill at least one unknown substance on your flooring daily. Give the professional sofa cleaners of Houston a call today to discuss which cleaning packaging would best fit your needs.

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Save Your Upholstery by Cleaning it

After all the food stains, pet dander, and Kool-Aid spills, it may be time to consider making the small investment to have your upholstery cleaned. If furniture could talk, it’s probable screaming “clean me”. Give your furniture the TLC that it deserves.

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